A place to collect

A place to craft

A place to scribble.

What is this?

A private space online to capture thoughts, ideas, and anything in between. It has the privacy of a journal, but is meant for short tweet-like bites of text. It's not a social network -- your thoughts here are totally yours.

How did it come about?

Read Scribble's story to learn more about the motivation and journey behind it.

Is there a mobile app?

Scribble is a website (for now). It's optimized for your browser on mobile too, though. You can bookmark it on your phone for easy access.

Is it free?

You bet. I consider this little app to be a gift, and I want anyone who likes it to use it.

Will it always be free?

That's my intention! I may consider charging a small one-time download fee for a mobile app to offset server maintenence. No mobile development has started yet though!

Can I upload images?

Scribbles are intentionally text-only. Freedom comes from constraints.

Who builds this?

👋 I'm Saalik, a builder, writer, and scribbler. If you want to get in touch, reach me on Twitter (@saaliklok) or at saalik@thespoonful.dev

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